Electrosmog prevented

According to the current scientific knowledge, electromagnetic fields may have health risks.

These risks can be reduced by practicing protective measures for minimizing adverse effects of technologies we use every day.

How to effectively use modern technologies while minimizing the risks associated with their use?

TiFaNe rule can serve us well for quick decision-making:

(If I can choose) I would prefer:

I will practice protective measures to minimize the adverse effects of the 10 most risky technologies:

Mobile phone (smartphone)

Computer (laptop)

Wi-fi router


Wireless nanny


In the case of buying a property:

When constructing a house, consider low-emission design of electrical systems during the planning phase:

Very sensitive people may also consider:


HMD (VR/AR headset)


Dental fillings and braces

These recommendations are based on an extensive analysis of the risks associated with long-term use of modern technologies. The analysis reflects various biological effects, severity of related health manifestations, probability of their occurrence, as well as feasibility and effectivity of protective measures mitigating individual risks.


G = Genotoxicity (DNA damage)O = Oxidative stress (reactive oxygen species)B = Blood–brain barrier (increased permeability)C = Cell membrane (ion channels gating)M = Melatonin (decreased production)
* = Prediction (few available data)
ALS = Amyotrophic lateral sclerosisALZ = Alzheimer's disease

More details for safer use of new technologies and minimizing risks are available here to: 

The mechanisms of EMF biological effects are comprehensibly explained in the free educational film Electro-Shock.